Say it! Live it! 講得出,做得到


Your HEALTH may be your biggest challenge in life. Your brand new approach to physical, mental and spiritual health… find a healthier you!

After 40 days with this book, you will find yourself:
• More energetic and empowered in the morning for the challenges of the new day,
• Having a lower cholesterol level and an improved blood pressure control,
• In a better physical shape and with a significantly improved health,
• Enjoying more intimate and genuine relationships with one another,
• Getting closer to God and enjoying the time with Him,
• Feeling so good that you want to pass it on to others!

• 迎接新一天的挑戰,你會更有活力和動力。
• 你的膽固醇水平得以改善,血壓也受控制。
• 明顯地會有更美好身鍛和更健康。
• 享受與人更親密和真誠的關係。
• 享受與上帝親近的時間及與上帝更緊密。
• 願意把這個良好的感覺傳遞給別人!

作者簡介:Dr. Olli Tuominen

He is the founder of Living Hope Ministry. The ministry seeks to advance God’s message by teaching His principles in personal finance, health and career planning.
He has over 26 years of global management experience in Germany, the United States, China and Hong Kong. As Senior Vice President of a major medical company, he retired early at age 54 to dedicate his life to serving God and the people of Hong Kong. He has been living in Hong Kong for over 10 years.

“Everything living has hope; hope, focus and perseverance together equal success."

書名 Say it! Live it! 講得出,做得到
作者 Dr. Olli Tuominen
出版社 活出希望世界事工有限公司
出版年份 英文版:2016年12月、中文版:2019年5月
包裝 平裝
開本 17 x 25 厘米
頁數 248頁
定價 中英文版:港幣138元(道聲之友優惠價:港幣124元)
編號 英文版:TA1601D08|中文版:TA1901D08
國際書號ISBN 英文版:9789881425829|中文版:9789881425836
購書連結 英文版英文版


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